Combat in the game is fairly straightforward; players can deploy a team of up to six characters.

Stats Edit

Each deity has some base stats. The deity's level acts as a multiplier on those stats, ensuring higher-level swords perform better. To compare base stats across swords, please visit the Character List.


Affinity interactions

Affinity (種類) - Denotes the element that character has an affinity for.

Buddha Rank (仏種) - From highest to lowest, these are: Nyorai, Bosatsu, Ou, and Tenbu.

Tranquility (清心力) - This essentially denotes energy levels. Each map costs some tranquility to play. Every character's tranquility is completely refilled when the player levels up.

HP (生命力) - Hit Points.

Attack (攻撃力) - How hard your character hits.

Defense (防御力) - How hard your character gets hit.

Piety (功徳力) - Adds to your character's critical hit rate.

Battle Edit


A battle

To start a battle, you need the requisite amount of tranquility points.

Battle speed may be toggled by the top most button. There is a slow and a fast mode.

As this game has auto-battle, grinding is easy provided your characters have been appropriately leveled. Auto battle has two modes: simple auto battle and autobattle with divine power usage. If your party is high-leveled, selecting the simple auto battle will save you the time of watching the animations.

In manual mode, you may click or tap an enemy once to have your party target it. Clicking on the enemy again will cancel the effect. This is useful against a boss with an AOE special attack.

Any active buffs or debuffs will be displayed on a character's portrait or an enemy's sprite; with the number of turns they will last for attached. Buffs are in red, and debuffs are in blue.

There is no speed stat in this game; the order of attack goes from the leftmost member to the rightmost member of the team. Player phase begins with Divine Powers, then combination attacks, followed by normal attacks. This is followed by enemy phase, and then loops back around.

Additionally, red numbers of damage indicate that the damage has been resisted against due to affinity, while blue damage indicates that it has been amplified for the same reason.

If your characters die in battle, they will recover as soon as you leave the map, whether by retreating or beating the boss. There is no permadeath or repair mechanic in this game.

Experience Edit

Both the player and the characters are awarded experience and drops on clearing a map. Bonus EXP is awarded to characters if they are the leader, or the MVP, or deliver the final blow of the battle. For more info, check the Experience page.

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