Events contain sets of quests that are only available for a limited period. There are two types of events: Tower events, which lack a story component; and story-based events, where the story can be obtained by participating in the event, usually by gathering currency specific to that event.

This page displays a list of all events conducted so far.

Tower EventsEdit

Title Event Duration
Tower of Enlightenment 1/5 -  14/5
Tower of Enlightenment - Rendai UTENA - 21/5 - 31/5
Tower of Enlightenment - Rendai UTENA - 12/6 - 18/6

Story-based EventsEdit

Icon Title Event Duration
SEV001 Story Crisis! A Starving Karura Loses His Feathers! 31/5 - 11/6
SEV002 Story A Spectacular Service! All Pray For A Good Harvest 19/6 - 28/6
SEV003 Story Clear, Cloudless Skies! A Buddha's Resolve Can Break Even Boulders 1/7 - 11/7
SEV004 Story PUNPUNPUN! Bloom Forever, Peach Blossoms 18/7 - 30/7
SEV005 Story Yes, WeCamp! A Secret Get-Together of Angry Dieties 1/8 - 13/8
SEV006 Story The Tradition of the Ephemeral Princess' Lingering Scent and the Summer Festival 22/8 - 31/8
SEV007 Story Aim for Victory! Wisdom is Everyone's Treasure 1/9 - 10/9
SEV008 Story 12 Divine Vows: Soothing Light, Shining Day and Night 21/9-30/9

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