The Formation menu

The Formation menu allows players to form a party, equip and unequip divine powers and divine accessories, and use items to refill a deity's tranquility.

There are six parties available to the player; the first time a player visits the formation screen (as part of the tutorial) the first party will be automatically set.

It is worth noting that while one deity can be in any number of teams, their equipment will remain the same across them all; i.e. equipment is tied to the character, not the party.

Pressing the Swap button allows players to see all equipped divine powers and accessories, and change them as required.

Leader's SkillEdit

Depending on the deity set as the leader, the entire team enjoys specific effects listed as follows:

  • Nyorai (Ranknyorai) - Increase the party's HP.
  • Myouou (Rankmyouou) - Grant the party an invisible attack buff.
  • Bosatsu (Rankbosatsu) - Grant the party an invisible defense buff.
  • Tenbu (Ranktenbu) - Increase the amount of damage dealt by divine power attacks.

The magnitude of the effect depends on the deity's rarity, which can be increased via strengthening.

  • 2Flower Deities - Minimal effect
  • 3Flower Deities - Slight effect
  • 4Flower Deities - Considerable effect
  • 5Flower Deities - Immense effect

As of now, it is not possible for any deity to give the party a maximal buff when set as leader.


As the name suggest, clicking this button equips all party members with divine powers and accessories. Divine powers and accessories will be equipped even if the AI has to remove them from other deities' slots.

Players can choose what they would like the AI to focus on; clicking the auto-equip option will display a pop-up window where players can select (from left to right) a balanced focus, an attack focus, or a defense focus. Please note that the focus refers to the stat bonus provided by the divine power, not its effect. 

Quick ViewEdit

Pressing this button will bring up a list of all party members along with their topmost equipped divine power.


This feature allows players to use sake to recover their deities' tranquility.

Equipment TabEdit

The only other tab on this screen will bring up a list of all the players' deities when clicked. Players can then pick a character and see their equipment. Note that it is not possible to equip or unequip anything in this tab, only to see it.

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