Registration and Starting Up Edit

The game says I'm not in the correct region. Edit

This game is not playable on PC in countries other than Japan. Players need to use a VPN to get around this. However you only need it for 10-15 seconds as the loading screen pops up, and you may disable it after. Refer to the How To Play section for more details.

Home Screen or Hall Edit

What are the black fumes or smoke around my starter? Edit

Your characters are fatigued from battle, i.e. their tranquility bar is low, and their vices are leaking out. You can wait for it to refill naturally or use an item to recover the whole team. If this keeps happening after every battle, you might be experiencing the timezone glitch described below.

Battle Edit

I can't start a battle, even though the tutorial is telling me to. Edit

This is because of a timezone bug. Both PC and mobile players need to set their device's timezone's to Japan to get rid of the error, for as long as the game is active. EDIT 24/5/2019: As of 24 May, this bug has been fixed.

Gacha Edit

I can't summon on the right-most banner, even though I have enough gems. Edit

The right-most banner is a paid-currency only gacha.

There's a paid banner out now, but it doesn't appear for me. Edit

In order to see this banner, you must already have paid gems.

I got dupes. What do I do with them?Edit

Duplicate character card will be automatically merged and add +5 to the character's Tranquility. Duplicate Divine Power card can be used for Strengthening or sold for coins.

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