Deities in Buddhism belong to several groups and sub groups. This page attempts to give the player a brief overview of such groupings and their members.

Thirteen Divine Dieties Edit

The Thirteen Divine Dieties (十三仏, lit Juusanbutsu) are the central focus of the anime, and feature heavily in the main story.

Dainichi-0 Ashuku-0 Amida-0 Shaka-0 Yakushi-0 Monju-0 Fugen-0 Jizou-0 Miroku-0 Kannon-0 Seishi-0 Kokuuzou-0 Fudou-0

Five Buddhas of WisdomEdit

The Five Buddhas of Wisdom or Meditation (五大如来, lit Godai Nyorai) embody five fundamental wisdoms -wisdom against anger, envy, desire, ignorance, and pride. For a more detailed writeup of the Five, visit their category page.

Dainichi-0 Fukuujoujuu-0 Ashuku-0 Houshou-0 Amida-0

Four Heavenly Kings Edit

The Four Heavenly Kings (四天王, lit. Shitennou) serve Taishakuten, the diety responsible for protecting the Buddhist world. They ward off evil, guard the nation, and protect the world from malicious spirits.

Tamonten-0 Jikokuten-0 Zoujouten-0 Koumokuten-0

The Amida Triad Edit

The Amida Triad (阿弥陀三尊, lit. Amidasanzon) is a group of three dieties, one being Amida himself and the other two responsible for his protection.

Amida-0 Kannon-0 Seishi-0

The Yakushi Triad Edit

The Yakushi Triad (薬師三尊, lit. Yakushisanzon) is a group of three dieties, one being Yakushi himself and the other two responsible for his protection.

Yakushi-0 Nikkou-0 Gakkou-0

Eight Offering BodhisattvasEdit

The Eight Offering Bodhisattvas (八供養菩薩, lit. Hachikuyou Bosatsu) are eight Bosatsu dieties reponsible for the Buddhas entertainment.

Kongoukou-0 Kongouke-0 Kongoutou-0 Kongouzu-0 Kongouman-0 Kongouki-0 Kongouka-0 Kongoubu-0

Twelve Divine Generals Edit

The Twelve Divine Generals (十二神将, lit. Juunishinshou) protect and serve Yakushi Nyorai. It is said that each one of them represents one of the twelve vows Yakushi took to attain enlightenment.

Member Representation
Mekira-0 Rooster
Antera-0 Monkey
Santera-0 Horse
Haira-0 Dragon
Shoutora-0 Ox
Kubira-0 Boar
Makora-0 Rabbit
Shindara-0 Tiger
Bikara-0 Mouse
Basara Taishou, who has yet to make their in-game debut Dog
Anira Taishou, who has yet to make their in-game debut Sheep
Indara Taishou, who has yet to make their in-game debut Snake

Twelve Deities Edit

The Twelve Deities (十二天, lit. Juuniten) are a group of deities that protect the world. Among them, Bonten and Taishakuten are the highest-ranking.

Taishakuten-0 Bonten-0 Tamonten-0 Ishanaten-0 Rasetsuten-0 Gattenshi-0 Nittenshi-0 Katen-0 Suiten-0 Fuuten-0

The group also includes Jiten, and Enmaten, who have yet to make their in-game debut.

Twenty-Eight Legions Edit

The Twenty-Eight Legions or 28 Attendant Deities (二十八部衆, lit Nijuuhachibushuu) protect those who believe in Thousand-Armed Kannon.


Taishakuten-0 Bonten-0

Tamonten-0 Jikokuten-0 Zoujouten-0 Koumokuten-0

Karuraten-0 Kendatsubaou-0 Ashuraou-0 Sanshi-0 Makeishuraou-0 Nandaryuuou-0

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