The Hall (大広間) provides a bird's eye view of the temple. Players can purchase items with in-game currency to raise their hall level, or visit other friends to earn friend points.

The Hall is also the most efficient way to harvest fruit, required for strengthening deities.


The + and - buttons allow players to zoom in and out. The third button hides the UI, and the camera button allows players to take a picture of the hall. You can click and drag characters across the hall.

The back button returns players to the Main Hall.

Chores (家事当番)Edit



Players may assign two characters each to cooking duty, cleaning duty and yard duty.

When assigning the three chores, the game will randomly pick one of them to show a cutscene of the two characters changing clothes for chores. Those sprites will then be saved in your gallery for players to look at.

One cycle of chores lasts four hours, after which you may repeat the chores with different characters and unlock more sprites.

Chores also give Furniture Zeni on completion, with which you may buy accessories for your hall. Normally you will receive 1000 Zeni per chore, but a great success will give you 3000 Zeni. Therefore the amount you get per cycle of chores can vary from 1000 to 9000 Zeni.

Modifications (模様替え)Edit

This button allows players to purchase and set up items for display in the hall. It is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay in any way.

Setting Members (本尊設定)Edit

This allows players to pick six characters to bring to the hall.

Visiting a Friend's Hall (仏友訪問)Edit

This button allows players to visit a friend's hall and greet them to earn currency. This function is a part of daily missions. Players are not limited to greeting a certain number of friend halls only; you may visit and greet your entire friend list once per day.

Visiting a Random Hall (ランダム訪問)Edit

This button will take players to a random hall. Friend points may still be earned by greeting random hall owners, but players may only greet 10 random halls per day.

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