The Meetings screen

Meetings are conversations that trigger on the battlefield between specific deities.

They will trigger immediately on deploying the involved members to the requisite map; there is no need to have the characters levelled or strengthened. Any meetings the player has previously unlocked can be replayed in the Meetings screen, displayed to the right.

The Mystery of Fugen Bosatsu's BeautyEdit

The Relic at the North Honshu BorderEdit

Notes: Relic (霊場, lit. reijou) refers to places where objects connected to Buddhas or deities were discovered. Often, such places had temples or shrines built on them .

The Swamp Where Lotuses BloomEdit

Hidden Village of DemonsEdit

Notes: Akita Prefecture has strong ties to namahage demons. Festivals are still held where people dress up as those demons, sell souvenirs with a namahage theme, etc. These could be the demons Makora is talking about.

At the Foot of Matsuo CastleEdit

Notes: Matsuo Castle was the residence of Sanada Yukitaka, the warlord being discussed above.

Shizuoka, Tea, and A Buddhist MonkEdit

Notes: Shizuoka city is currently the main producer of tea in Japan. However, like the above conversation suggests, tea planting only started in Shizuoka when a monk named Shoichi Kokushi planted a few green tea seeds he had obtained from his trip to China.

Remembering the Battle of YashimaEdit

Notes: The Fan's Target, (扇の的, lit Ougi no Mato) is a painting depicting a scene from Heike Monogatari, a battle between the Genji and Heike clans.

Memories of EnoshimaEdit

Competition between DevoteesEdit

The Strongest Warrior of the Warring States' Period Edit

Between Old Friends Edit


The National Treasures of Aizu, the Yakushi TriadEdit

Of Yakushi Nyorai and GrapesEdit

Looking for Someone to FightEdit


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