Strengthening allows players to raise the stats of their deities and unlock a character-specific CG for their gallery. There are two tabs - the first allows players to strengthen deities, the second allows strengthening divine powers.

Coins and a variety of other items are required to strengthen a deity.

Entering the Strengthening screen will show a list of all deities possessed by the player. Click on the deity in need of strengthening. The second tab, at the left, is for strengthening divine powers.

Strengthening DietiesEdit


Each deity has four lotuses of three rings each that need to be strengthened to bring out their full potential.

  • The first lotus is available to strengthen as soon as the deity is summoned. It most likely requires a minimum of 2☆ rarity, however as there are no 1☆ deities yet, this is unconfirmed.
  • The second lotus requires character level 25 to unlock, followed by character level 30 for the second ring, and level 40 for the third, along with 3☆ rarity.
  • The third lotus requires character level 50 to unlock, followed by character level 55 for the second ring, and level 65 for the third, along with 4☆ rarity.
  • The fourth lotus requires character level 70 to unlock, followed by character level 80 for the second ring, and level 90 for the third, along with 5☆ rarity.

When you meet the requirements for unlocking a lotus, a message will appear on the corresponding lotus, as shown to the right.

Raising RarityEdit

All deities in the game can be raised to 5 stars with the appropriate items. Once a character has hit their level cap, strengthening their corresponding lotus will automatically raise their rarity by one. However, the lower a deity's rarity is, the more items and effort they need to be raised to their full potential. 


Awakening a deity refers to levelling them to 99, and strengthening all their lotuses. There are missions for awakening each character once.

Strengthening Divine PowersEdit



You may strengthen divine powers with either their duplicates or with divinity balls of the same rarity. It's worth noting you can only use divinity balls of the same rarity, not higher or lower. Each divine power may be strengthened up to four times.

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